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Appreciation or hate the activity, understand that Seiko collectors support the earliest Golden Tuna in extremely high regard

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Appreciation or hate the activity, understand that Seiko collectors support the earliest Golden Tuna in extremely high regard

How did Quartz making the ways into account for the best Vintage Seiko Divers? Which is a simple one because in 1978, Seiko released a 600M battery-powered Tuna alongside the mechanized 6159, which makes it the whole world’s very first so-called Professional Quartz diver. Even more distinctively, the check out boasted silver titanium nitride as a coating on the primary case, bezel and top and it turned known as the a€?Golden Tunaa€?. The 7549 are a fantastically sturdy action that shares their mainplate together with the 6309 and a battery lasts for as much as three-years within.

Different Golden Tunas have then followed, but this was 1st and it also had been groundbreaking whenever introduced a€“ and costly! In fact, they retailed for double the price of the mechanized 6159! In this situation, the -7000 varies through the -7009 (non-Japan markets variation) by eschewing the a€?SQa€? Seiko Quartz logo thus generally found in the 80’s. In addition, in case you are a James connect lover, Roger Moore rocked a -7009 in 1981’s a€?For their attention Onlya€?. The view was produced until 1985. Presume $1,200 a€“ 1,800 for a good version.

Seiko 7549-7010 a€?Tuna Cana€?

1978 ended up being obviously a large year for Seiko. With Quartz demonstrably in scope, the brand tossed their 7549 action into more than simply the Golden Tuna. It was the season that a lighter, 300M Professional version of the Tuna debuted.

Some will believe featuring its screw-down instance straight back that the 7549-7010 isn’t an actual tuna, although outcome is an even more wearable watch that, depending on the band chosen, can fall under a case. At 47.3mm in diameter and 15mm high, no-one would confuse they if you Д°Еџte bulgular are tiny, but it’s a deceiving portion in the arm. Plus, with its stainless shroud, grayscale looks, curved Hardlex amazingly, and Suwa symbolization by the go out screen, they ticks (actually) loads of box that Seiko lovers need.

By the way, because of the stainless shroud, this model gained the actual a€?Tuna Cana€? nickname if you love checking Seiko nomenclature. Developed until 1985, these components can be found with or minus the a€?SQa€? representation regarding the switch and run between $500 a€“ 800 depending on disease and area. If you would like decide to try a Tuna however they are slightly worried, this will be a no-risk solution to place your toe inside pool.

Seiko 7548-x

The final part on our Top classic Seiko Divers record was available in late 1978 in the shape of the 7548. As a 150M diver, this was the quartz corollary into 6309, but it was a lot more big than that for example very essential cause. The 7548 introduced an incident style definitely however in essence right here with us today in the shape of the automated 7S26-powered SKX007/9 that can be discover nowadays. At 42mm, these are typically great each and every day wears and happened to be obtainable in several control styles. Regarding the unfavorable side, a truly astounding quantity of alternatives comprise developed until the unit got changed in 1985, but mind here for some strategies on how points altered in time. Figure on $250 a€“ >$1,000 with respect to the variant.

Hopefully, this guide of the market leading classic Seiko scuba divers try a useful strategy to about catch a peek at the principal pieces produced by the company while in the 60’s, 70’s and inside 80’s. I do believe you’d agree totally that Seiko made some actual treasures and this most people are nevertheless from the cheaper side. Create no blunder; even on the lowest prices measure, you are however acquiring a good view stacked with manufacturing and innovation power. Plus, aided by the industry because hot since it is for classic Seiko, promoting one whether or not it’s never to your taste isn’t hard. As stated, we’re going to return with a look at the 80’s. Delight in your own summertime!

Look for components with aftermarket bezel inserts, dials, and possession. Furthermore, avoid watches which have seen liquids entry (typical unfortunately due to their acrylic crystals) or where the quick ready time work no longer operates. When a wrist watch that may be found for $1000-1200 for little efforts, the 62MAS today commands $2500-3500 (if not more) if in wonderful problem. For an icon, I nevertheless consider this someone to end up being inexpensive.

The 6106-8100/9 was a classic-looking scuba diver and was developed from 1968 until roughly 1970 and came in several colors a€“ gray, yellow, environmentally friendly, silver, bluish and even a cool blue bit with chevron indicators. At around 38mm, with a grey spinning bezel, and 19mm lugs, the watches are slender enough to wear under a sleeve. The 6106-8100/9 became an appreciated jewel and prices have-been increasing for quite a while. That which was when a $200 watch all day every day can demand $500 if in wonderful problem. Of course, look for correct palms and make certain that h2o has actually stayed out from the fluctuations.

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